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Study: Old People Like Facebook


As if you needed another reason to reject your grandmother’s friend request on Facebook, it appears that senior citizens are becoming more and more interested in Facebook games. A recent study released by found nearly one in five baby boomers registered on Facebook and spending up to an hour on the popular social networking website per day.

Though older generations still rely on Facebook for communication with friends and family and keeping up-to-date on their social network, the proliferation of casual games embedded in Facebook finds seniors more apt to play Facebook games. Rather than having to learn newfangled technology or download and install computer games, senior citizens are more willing to play a social game through Facebook, as well as participate in contests and promotions offered through the site.

With the rousing success of the Wii in the past console generation and the rising popularity of gaming across smartphones, e-readers, tablets, and other handheld devices, it is no wonder that gaming is being embraced by senior citizens and baby boomers alike. Just make sure not to get schooled in a game by your grandpa; seriously, that could be really embarrassing.

Source: Deseret News


Exactly, this is really true. The age category of Facebook game fans are getting older. It seems like our seniors now are more adept with the current trend in technology. - Scott Sohr

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