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Dead Island Trailer To Make You Cry, Want to Kill Zombies

Dead Rising. Left 4 Dead. Dead Nation. Undead Nightmare. Burn Zombie Burn. Dead Space. Plants vs. Zombies.

If there's one thing the video game industry doesn't need these days, it's another game about zombies. Sure, zombies seem to be a hot commodity, what with the Walking Dead succeeding on television and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies find its way into the cinemas in the next year or so, but by this point we're starting to feel an oversaturation of the market.

And yet, somehow we're still excited for the upcoming release Dead Island. Check out the artfully directed new trailer for the game below, which makes the game seem a little like Hard Rain mixed in with flesh-eating monsters.


I agree. Zombie games are very common nowadays. Though many still like this theme. - Scott Safadi

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