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Relive 11th Grade English Class with The Great Gatsby Video Game


Reading. Who does that anymore? I mean, having to take a book out and read sentences longer than 140 characters is so passe, right? Well now you can finally experience the rich world of 1920s upper class New York society with the Great Gatsby video game, a throwback retro title that posits protagonist Nick Carroway in a battle against gin bootleggers, flapper girls, and...giant crabs? (Mental note: must check CliffsNotes for F. Scott Fitzgerald’s mention of giant crabs) The game itself is somewhat challenging yet simple, as you utilize only arrow keys to move, space bar to jump, and Z to throw your derby. If you’ve got a good 20 minutes to spare and want to relive your high school English class, you should give this quick game a try by clicking here.

Also be sure to check out the awesomely retro game manual here. If the book jacket was anything like this, I would’ve made sure to actually read the book when I was younger. But alas...


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After the horror that was Eternal Sonata, I'm a little squeemish about games based on historical events, composers, or literature.
On the other hand, not a bad way to teach kids.

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