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Sony Brings It With NGP, Nintendo Claims It's Already Been Broughten with 3DS


Only a month into the new year and 2011 already is shaping up to be a pretty exciting time for video games. With the end of the current generation of consoles still a few years away, the handheld market is quickly developing into a crowded field of challengers. 2010 saw a radically altered state to handheld gaming; the proliferation of smartphones and release of the iPad found gamers playing games on all-new consoles, while the previous handheld champion, the Nintendo DS, saw hardware and software sales decline.

After a year in which the PSP was all but forgotten, Sony announced the release of the NGP (or PSP2, whichever), piquing our interest once again in Sony's handheld efforts. With its offering of twin sticks, frontside and backside touch control, PS3 quality games and 3G connectivity, it's clear that Sony brought its A-game with the announcement of the NGP, thereby solidifying its place as a worthy challenger in the handheld arena. Questions still remain on where the NGP stands in the handheld market; will Sony seek out the hardcore gamer audience or try to attract the casual market so dominated by iPhone and DS users?

Nintendo's reaction to the Sony announcement, as recently relayed on 3DJuegos, seems to be that of unwavering confidence. Satoru Iwata, president and CEO at Nintendo, recently stated, "They're trying to attract consumers from a different direction from ours. The people will decide what's right."

All we've got to say? Bring. It. On.


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The "people" will most likely decide based on price. If the NGP is priced at more than $300 then the 3DS is sure to get another quick headstart. Sony is very smart for not listing a price yet as it gives them time to measure how big the hype is for their system.

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