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Square Announces Final Fantasy XIII-2 for 2012

Despite the polarizing reception facing Square Enix with the release of Final Fantasy XIII last year, the famed publisher is returning to the well with a direct sequel, slated for release sometime during "next winter". Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be simultaneously released on both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Announced during Square Enix's 1st Production Department Premiere event in Tokyo yesterday, the game will release first in Japan later this year, with the American and European releases shortly after. 

There were few other details released by Square about Final FantasY XIII-2, though with the double disappointments in 2010 with FF XIII and XIV, color us cautiously optimistic. So long as this game doesn't have any dress spheres, we'll always be excited about another Final Fantasy game.

Check below for the released trailer.


The game has just gotten better, with more improve settings and features. - Carmack Moving and Storage

I get the feeling I'm the only guy in the world who actually mostly enjoyed FFX-2... Though that was mostly for the battle system. The story and presentation of FFX was absolutely better.

What I don't understand from that trailer is how so much could have changed in that world in so little time, since Lightning is clearly the same age. And how is this ready before Versus XIII and Agito?

While I was lukewarm on the characters in FFXIII and only liked Lightning and Sazh, the story was lacking and the script's delivery (at least in english) was awkward and at times just lame. I didn't feel the same emotional empathy as I did to IV, VII, VIII, IX, and X. Hopefully this sequel will bring some of that back. And let me control my entire party!

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