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3D Games May Damage Eyes, Says Nintendo


Well, chalk this one up to irony.

With the worldwide release of the new 3DS looming in the early months of 2011, Nintendo released the safety guidelines for its new system and reported last week that extensive use of 3D gaming by children under the age of 6 may lead to damage to the eyes since their eyes are still developing. Nintendo further warned that 3D causes greater strain on the eyes than 2D and should take a break from gameplaying after 30 minutes for all gamers regardless of age. If a player feels ill while playing, he is further cautioned to cease playing immediately. Parents will be able to use controls within the system to lock in the 2D mode for children.

While this story is most likely much ado about nothing, it does stand as a warning towards the next generation in gaming. With everything from movies to televisions these days awash in 3D, people are reminded to take extra precaution when watching or playing games in 3D as the 3D might impair the way a player perceives depth. Though we look forward to the ridiculous news sensationalism that will arrive when the 3DS is eventually released later this year, it’s at least key to remember the potential harm (and headaches) that could come from too much 3D gaming.


3D games have been hitting the market. And I am certain that this trend will still continue to prosper in the coming days. - JustFab

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