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Microsoft Sells Over 2.5 Million Kinect Units in First Month of Release

Well we’re just going to have to chalk this up in the “Win” column for the aging-but-still-looking-pretty Xbox 360. Microsoft announced that Kinect, its new 3D-camera-based motion controller, has sold over 2.5 million units worldwide in its first 25 days of retail availability. Kinect is on pace to sell as well as it did during its first ten days, where the peripheral moved an estimated one million units in its first ten days of release in the United States and five days of availability in Europe.

The new figures also include other areas around the globe including Australia, New Zealand and Japan, where Kinect held a “quiet launch” of only 26,000 units. Additional sales figures for other regions were not released by Microsoft.

In fact, in a recent interview at Gamasutra, a Microsoft representative expected to sell three million units during the holiday season, and later increasing that number to 5 million units if Kinect continuing selling at its current pace.

Despite a mixed critical reception upon its release, consumers are quickly snatching up peripherals that force gamers to wave their arms a lot, buoyed by the strong sales of Microsoft’s Kinect and the Playstation Move controller, which sold nearly 2.5 million units in its first month alone.

While Microsoft and Sony count their piles of money forcing gamers to waggle and flail their bodies in order to, I don’t know, throw a frisbee or pet an invisible animal, Nintendo continues to laugh at the ridiculousness of their competitors attempting to play catch-up in the motion control wars. Fear not, Microsoft, for although we rarely pick up our Wiimotes anymore, we shall surely join you in the Kinect dance of victory.