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Mario's 25th Anniversary Celebration at Nintendo World


Everyone's favorite Italian plumber celebrated his 25th Anniversary this past weekend at Nintendo World, located in Rockefeller Center, New York City.

Mario's anniversary event was coupled with the reopening of the store, which had been undergoing renovations, with crowds upon crowds of Nintendo fans gathering for the celebration.

And there were a lot of people.

The press release said 12 p.m. to 5 p.m., and me and my fiancée got there at noon -- not taking into account the fact that there would be a line around the corner and down the block to Broadway. After waiting in the cold for what was probably 40 minutes and having to endure strangers gathering online to play Mario Kart DS together -- charming at first, but soon very annoying -- we were finally let in.

The place was a mad house, overrun by more adults than children, and the second floor was a sea of people moving shoulder to shoulder to watch others play Mario games, be a part of a photo shoot with Mario-themed props, and view new cases of Nintendo memorabilia.


We soon decided we’d seen enough and that it was getting entirely too crowded to hang around -- there wasn’t really a list of events, either -- so we headed to the door and that’s when my fiancée said, “Hey, who’s everyone crowded around over there?”

Uh, “That’s.. the President.. of Nintendo of America... Reggie.” He was surrounded by six or so fans near the entrance, signing various things and posing for photos, so I got in on it. I had him sign my silver DS Lite, because I figured I had to have him sign something and that’s all I had on me. He wrote: "Rob, Thanks for all the support. Reggie". He’s actually a really nice guy in person, and great with kids (as I'd expect).


We left afterwards, and it was around 1:40 p.m., but I heard at some point Mario creator (and many other popular Nintendo franchises) Shigeru Miyamoto showed up and cut a tiered Mario level-themed cake with Reggie. It was a great coming together of fans, and a nice way to honor Mario.


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Super Mario was released in Japan 25 years ago. Since then, Mario has become one of the most iconic characters and entertainment brands in the world. - Scott Sohr

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