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Mini-Review: Angry Birds Halloween

Angry Birds has risen to be the top game in the app game market, selling a ridiculous amount on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, with recent releases on Android, the Palm, the Nokia N900, and an upcoming release on PSP.

But instead of simply adding a couple of Halloween-themed levels in an update, Angry Birds has released a separate app exclusive to the iOS Apple apps, with 45 new spooky levels based on the addictive original and GameCenter integration for achievements and leaderboards.

Angry Birds Halloween swaps the original formula for seasonal skin, with Halloween-themed music, a background of an orangey skyline with a creepy bare tree and large, glowing moon, and replaces the boulders from the first game with large pumpkins.

But this is not simply a dressed up version of the popular game: it’s an expansion pack. With new levels and new challenges it extends the life of Angry Birds while banking on your seasonal spirit. That’s a good thing for anyone interested in either Angry Birds or Halloween. You’ll still fling your various types of birds at the thieving pigs who stole their eggs, but with the eerie atmosphere All Hallows Eve exerts. I recommend playing with a bowl of sweet treats next to you.