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Elemental's Patching Hell


Elemental: War of Magic was released in late August to scathing reviews. The game was, in a word, unfinished. It suffered from numerous bugs and crashes, and much of the foundational gameplay design was flawed from concept through execution. I've been hesitant to even begin formulating a proper review for the game because, quite frankly, I've gotten the sense from reading developer diaries post-release that even Stardock is not sure what the game is supposed to be about.

Version 1.1 is slated to be released before the end of October and it seems that, finally, the devs will begin to rectifiy Elemental's identity crisis. Since there are already a litany of version 1.0X reviews on the web, I've decided to judge the game at the point where the devs seem to feel confident in their product. Yes Elemental was not worth purchasing at launch, but pretty soon we'll see if Elemental will ever be worth purchasing.


I love Stardock and I really want to play this game, but the reviews have scared me off. Since you're waiting for it to be finished, I'll pretty much be waiting for your word on when to buy it. ^^

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