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Preview: Haunted House


Atari has released their re-imagined Haunted House game for Steam download and on the Wii. How does this game fare? Recently, I had chance to get a quick walkthrough of the game by Lead Producer (and model for the main character) Roland Lesterlin.

First a little bit of history: The original Haunted House on the Atari 2600 was all about mood. In that game, you controlled a pair of frightened eyes, wandering around in the dark, dodge ghosts and bats, occationally finding candles to get you through the pitch-black maze.

The re-imagined version is, as you would expect, much more detailed and colorful. The name of the game is still maze-crawling but this time, you wander through an actual mansion, discovering increasingly more complex puzzles, collecting tons of helpful items along the way. And unlike the original Haunted House, eventually you will even be able to fight back against the monsters that besiege you.

One of the really cool themes of this game is light. You have to constantly wield torches, flashlights, even the dim glow of your cellphone, or be looking for the next corner fireplace. Light is never not on your mind while playing and it really does fit in quite well with the theme of a haunted house, and pays homage to the old 2600 game.

From the little that I saw, it seems like a great game for kids and can even be played co-op on the same screen, where the puzzles take on a new dimension since you now have another set of hands to carry this blue key or that red candle. Check it out on Steam and whatever you Wii owners use for downloading things!