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Elemental: War of Magic - First Shot


I load up Elemental: War of Magic not really knowing what to expect. I actually heard about the game through a friend and together we pieced through the tidbits of pre-release information, slowly growing more excited. It's been a busy month but I was finally able to sit down and starting playing this game (sorry Civ 5, I'll get back to you as soon as I can!).

You start out by creating a "Sovereign", who acts as your nation's leader and hero. The character creator is adequate on visual customization, if not robust. The stats are a bit of a guessing game at first, but then that's the case with most RPGs that require you to build a character from scratch. One feature I do like is that you can spend your initial points on various things, from specific magic focuses to big-bonus traits to starting equipment. That alone makes the character creator quite versatile and I could already tell that I would have great fun just coming up with different personalities for different playthroughs.

Once I settled on a build and a race (the humble swamp folk, Tarth) I was dropping into a very barren, desolate world. The interface seems a bit unwieldy and it took a little hunting to figure out how to found a city, how to check out my guy's inventory, etc. But being the gaming genius that I am, I managed to figure it out without destroying my nation in the process.

After a few turns something pretty cool started to happen. My city actually started to bring color to the dead soil, growing grass all around. It's a very neat visual, like a scene out of Pleasantville.

Look for the full review soon!


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Yeah I'm currently playing version 1.08...uh...ok, apparently I'm now playing version 1.09, updating as I write this. I've read that version 1.0 was an incomplete mess. I did briefly check the game out in that state, and honestly, I'm not noticing a huge different between 1.0 and 1.08. But that was a cursory inspection.

I'm usually really tempted by anything that Stardock Impulse does (loved Galactic Civs and Space Rangers) but I've heard bad things about this one. Bad as in the president of the studio that made it appologizing for the shoddy design work.


If it turns out to actually be good I'd buy it up in an instant. ^^

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