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Cataclysm "may" ship in early January according to a gentleman I met in a bar


Many fans of the all consuming monstrosity that is World of Warcraft have pre-ordered its newest expansion Cataclysm from, and recently a number of them received emailed messages foretelling the expansion’s oh so secret release date. This was originally announced over at Kotaku(credit where credit’s due) where fans sent in emails about getting this magical glimpse into the future of addiction. I must assume our fans have done the same and it’s only a finicky spam filter that’s keeping our Inbox empty at the moment (it’s not delusion, its coping!)

That magical date is…(drum roll)…

When it’s done!

Wait, sorry, that’s the ETA for the next Star Craft 2 game (which I hope to see sometime before I get my first mortgage and then finally pay it off). The actual date for Cataclysm is early to mid January 2011. Apparently the dates shift around by about a week, but they all say the same thing. Is this true? Well, we’ll probably find out this month at BlizzCon 2010. I’d be attending, but 1) I’m poor, 2) its in Anaheim, CA and I’m in Dallas, TX, and 3) I’m poor and saving up for GenCon 2011 (a REAL gaming convention).

Keep in mind that no other source has actually listed a ship date for Cataclysm (not even Amazon’s pageon the game), so you might just take this one with a grain of salt. But for those of us addicted to this damned game, January 2011 has now become the expiration date for our “normal” lives. This includes jobs, pets, and romances (my significant other and I both play…so our relationship doesn’t have a chance in hell after this thing ships.)