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Gaming Get-Togethers by World Gamer Nation

You know that you could have gotten that headshot - if only you didn't have to share your flat screen with your three roommates.  Well, now you can reclaim that visual real estate, while still PWNing your buddies.

For a small fee, World Gamer Nation will come to you (as long as you live in the Long Island or New York Tri-State area) and setup up to 16 XBOX 360s, 23" HD monitors, a network, tables, chairs, and, apparently, some delightful vinyl table clothes. Three, six, and twelve-hour packages are available, and you can pay extra for more time or consoles.

While online multiplayer and matchmaking has come a long way, still, nothing can quite compare with the thrill of fragging your buddy while sitting just across the table from him.


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World Gamer Nation

You X-Box LAN party... @_@

I...I feel dirty now for some reason. Ugh. I need to go take a shower.

It's called a LAN party...and you get better graphics and controls on the PC :p Have to razz ya!

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