Crispy Gamer

First Shot: Civilization V


Civilization releases are my "Jesus is born!" days. They demarcate the end of one era and the beginning of another. Also they are much more important than Jesus Christ (You heard me, god! Bring it!). They are not merely the launch of another new game, they are an event, like the Olympics, only they matter (You heard me Baron Pierre de Coubertin! Bring it!).

So whereas most other Civ players will just jump right in and start playing willy nilly, I like to take my time and savor each moment. I start out as Alexander the Great, as I have for every new Civ game since Civ 2. It is my own humble tradition. After a short load screen, I'm in. Ladies and gentlemen, turn 1:

After admiring the view, I founded my city and trekked my warrior horde across the world in search of...everything! It didn't take long until I had stumbled across another tribe:

The leader of China was imposing as I entered her chambers. In her native tongue, she advised me to mind my own business and she would do the same. Better keep an eye on her, just the same. Directly after, my newly created scouts informed me that they had found some ruins of a bygone era. Who was here before us, where did they go, and what did they leave behind?

As it turned out, they had left behind wondrous things called "spears". My scouts quickly learned to wield them and were now a force to be reckoned with.

My first turns in this game were enchanting, especially the new diplomacy screen. The full written review will be up shortly!