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Mega Man Universe Gameplay Teaser



Wait... I'm so confused. Is this a 2.5D remake of Mega Man 1 with other Capcom influences or something...? What? Reminds me of that PSP Mega Man remake with the big head, Mega Man Powered Up. Weird. I need more information! How could you play as Ryu? Hadukens instead of the mega buster?


I honestly don't know why Capcom and nintendo haven't released X games on the virtual console. Maybe they are holding them back because they are working on a retro Mega Man X9 and want release the X games around the that release time as a marketing tool? Sure, I'm talking out of my ass but damn, one can hope.

Do not play Mega Man: Command Mission. It is a terrible RPG and should only be mentioned if we are talking about burning it.

I know about the PS2/GC one, but $40+ for a used copy of a 4-year old disc is pushing it. I meant a current-gen re-released port with widescreen. I'd especially like it on hand held devices, I mean, there was already the Mega Man Zero Collection on DS, I'm sure the X series could fit on PSP. I was expecting more of the series to come out on PSP after Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X did, but alas, there's nothing. I'm still not clear on why none of the X series has been available as a downloadable game, even on the Virtual Console.


How was Mega Man: Command Mission, that GameCube RPG? I was always curious about that one.

There is a Mega Man X collection disc available for the PS2 and Gamecube. I have the Gamecube version and a GC to SNES controller adapter, so I can play the early X games using the original controller.

I wish they would just release an X series compilation disc already. I've only ever played Mega Man X.

Interesting little tidbit about Hadoukens in Mega Man games. In Mega Man X, you can get a Hadouken ability after you get all the heart containers, E-Tanks, and upgrades and reach a certain point in the Armored Armadillo stage 4-5 times. The Hadouken is activated by doing a quarter-circle punch, just like in Street Fighter, but in Mega Man X is can only be used when you have full HP. The Hadouken kills any enemy (except for the final final boss) in one shot.

In Mega Man X2, there is another similar powerup which is even harder to get. Instead of a Hadouken, you get the Shoryuken, which also kills anything in one hit.

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