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Free Medal of Honor Xbox 360 Beta codes!

People, this is not a joke. Go to this website:

GamerDNA partnered up with EA to get 20,000 Medal of Honor Beta codes for the Xbox 360. Granted, the beta is still only active until August 9th but, if you were on the fence about which shooter to buy this holiday season, I suggest you get the code and try the multiplayer out.

I've tried the Beta. I'm telling you right now, it's sick. Call of Duty has a legitimate challenger once again and it comes from an old rival in Medal of Honor. The multiplayer game engine was designed my DICE, who also helped bring us Battlefield: Bad Company 2. So if you enjoyed Battlefield at all, you need to try out this Beta.

These codes are flying out pretty fast though, so I highly suggest you jump on this offer now. Just go to the site listed above, get your code and then go the beta redemption site here:

From there, you'll get your Xbox 360 redemption code. Then you can start playing and pop some heads!


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