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"All Your Kongregates Are Belong to GameStop"


As I strolled through GameStop today to pick up my copy of Starcraft II, I didn't see any free flash games fluttering through the air or peeking out at me from behind used copies of God of War III. Normally, it would be pretty odd of me to think to look for free flash games at the giant retail chain, but with the announcement that has been purchased by GS, my search seems a lot less silly.

In a video on the site, COO Jim Greer assures us that all is well, nothing will change, and that the '80s were a wonderful and wacky period for American music.  Greer seems positive that the acquisition will only be a good thing for both companies, allowing Kongregate access to GS's far greater resources, and allowing GameStop to build an online presence. Click here for more from the man himself.


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