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Madden 11 AFC Spotlight Trailers


Madden 11 recently released trailers for each division in the AFC, highlighting the coaches of each team and certain high stats of individual players. All four trailers can be seen after the break.

The videos don't show a ton of gameplay but honestly, if you really want to know how Madden 11 is going to play, I suggest picking up a copy of Madden 10; I guarantee you it will be similar.

With each new Madden game however, the player's stats are updated to reflect their performance in the previous season. For example, the AFC East video shows that Randy Moss has a Jump stat of 99, so make sure you run Fade routes with him as your target when you're at striking distance for a touchdown. (He might have had a Jump rating of 99 in Madden 10, I really don't memorize these things).

When I saw Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan however, I wish they had a Fat stat, cause he would definitely max that out. Sorry, I'm a Giants fan, it had to be said.

Either way, here's the trailers I mentioned previously.

AFC East Preview:

AFC North Preview:

AFC South Preview:

AFC West Preview: