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First Shot: APB


I finally sat down to take APB for a spin today. The intro video did a good job of setting up the premise of the game: rampant crime in the fictional city of San Paro has led the mayor to enact measures by which regular citizens can become "enforcers" (read: vigilantes), which in turn has led to an increase in crime, bordering on a civil war between lawmen and outlaws.

In a modern wild west type scenario such as this, going with anyone BUT Shaft would be a gross error. So while I've never actually seen any of the movies and working solely off of cultural memes of the character, I endeavored to make my best Shaft (named "Shafft" of course, because "Shaft" was already taken).

The character creator is extremely detailed and comprehensive, though the interface is a bit cumbersome. Once I got my guy as close to Shaft as I could (see above, it's not all that close, unfortunately), I hopped into the tutorial district of the city to start my new life of busting punks. First order of business: jacking a pimpin' ride!

My full review will be forthcoming in the next few weeks so stay tuned.


I can dig it.

Here's hoping that their decision to do this title instead of Crackdown 2 pays off. So far all we've learned is that Ruffian Games is no Realtime Worlds. 

That's a pretty good Shaft Brian. I especially like to fro you got going on there. Well done.

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