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Tony Stark: The Ultimate Gamer


So I finally got around to seeing Iron Man 2 last night. Yeah I know, I'm late to the party and the world has already moved on. But one thing struck me as I watched the latter half of the movie. Gaming culture is becoming ubiquitous. Take a look at this exchange between Iron Man and War Machine *minor spoilers ahead*:

Iron Man: "They're coming in hot. Any second, what's the play?"

War Machine: "Well we'll want to take the high ground, ok? So we want to put the biggest gun on that ridge."

[They both start walking to the ridge]

IM: "Where are you going? You have a big gun, but you are not 'the big gun'"

MW: "Tony don't be's called being a badass"

IM: "Ok you go up top, I'll draw them in here"

WM: "Don't stay down here, this is the worst place to be. This is the kill box, this is where you go to die."

Now, if that isn't an exact, word for word imitation of two gamers setting up their positions in a map of Modern Warfare 2, I don't know what is.

Tony and Rhodey prepare for the next Zerg rush.

The reason the dialogue works so well is because the gaming generation (Iron Man 2's target demographic) can instantly relate to this scenario. An enemy you know is coming. Terrain you are familiar with because you've played the map a dozen times. Instant comradery with fellow players such that lingo and shorthand are easily understood. Even the flippant calm of knowing that, despite the graphic and violent images you are about to witness, it's all just a game so there's no need for panic or a fear of death.

Tony and Rhodey aren't even considering the real possibility of death because it's just a movie, just a game. It makes the movie that much more fun to watch of us gamers, and it's just another notch in the belt of making gaming a truly mainstream art form/hobby.