Crispy Gamer

First Shot: eversion


If there's one thing you can say about eversion (Steam version), it's that it sure is short.  The game sells for just shy of $5 on Steam, and after 30 minutes of play time, I've beaten the core game, and achieved the first ending.  There are lots of gems to go back and grab, but having been through most of the game's levels, I'm not certain how much content there is here for my money.

The game starts out interesting enough.  You're a flower in a saccharin Mario-clone (complete with pseudo-goombas [see above]) attempting to save, you guessed it, a princess.  Things quickly take a dark turn. At certain points in the game, you're able to evert, appearing to jump forward in time through various stages of the unnamed world's decay.  This allows you to move through obstacles and collect otherwise unreachable gems. This also turns the world's creatures into aggressive monsters and unleashes a variety of mildly unpleasant demons.

However, after already reaching the first ending (and boy, is the princess in another castle!) it appears that the evert ability, as cool as it sounds, might not be all that impressive in its execution.  

Check back next week for the full review!