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Double Shot: Just Cause 2 Black Market Boom Pack



And we're back again for more Just Cause 2 DLC. This time, the focus is entirely on weapons with the appropriately named "Black Market Boom Pack". It contains a quad-shot rocket launcher, a cluster grenade launcher, and an air propulsion gun. Let's take a closer look at each, shall we?
The quad rocket launcher is exactly what you would expect. It fires 4 rockets in a relatively tight pattern straight ahead. If you usually have a rocket launcher on your back for its building demolition capabilities, then this new weapon is just an upgrade. That being said, it also has better room-clearing effect, for times when you are faced with hordes of enemy troops.
The cluster grenade launcher is a 2-handed version of the original, only now it launches several secondary bomblettes upon impact. I've found that, for the most part, the secondary explosions are a bunch of sound and fury, signifying nothing. The problem is probably that the released bomblettes are shot straight up into the air, rather than horizontally. This has the effect of killing whatever you aimed at with the main shell, and then a little fireworks display afterwards, celebrating your victory. Pretty useless, really, and since it takes up the 2-hander slot on your back, I doubt many people will be using it often.
Heroic poses don't increase the body count, Rico. Get back to work!
The last addition is most certainly the main event of this explosive circus. Put simply, it's a gun that shoots a powerful jet of air a few feet in front of you. This may not sound like much,  but it is insanely fun. At point blank range, it has the power to hurl taxis into the air with ease, to say nothing of hordes of troops. When combined with your tethering ability, the fun factor shoots through the roof. Seeing a demo video online, I attempted to reenact what I had seen: tethering some poor fool to a streetlamp and then blowing him around and around, gaining crazy centrifugal momentum, and then finally releasing the tether and watching him fly off into the horizon. Needless to say, it worked like a charm and was a sight to behold. Unless you have need of a specific weapon for a mission, this will probably be the default gun that you have on your back from now on.
My new favorite game: the human bola
The rocket launcher is a nice plus and will surely add to the mayhem while the grenade launcher is a bust. However the air propulsion gun alone makes this DLC well worth the $2 and I would say it also makes this the better of the two currently released DLCs for Just Cause 2.