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REMINDER: Steam for Mac launches May 12th


The moment is nearly upon us, the moment where Macs will finally be on par with PCs in terms of gaming.

Well, not really, but it’s a start. 
On May 12th, 2010, less than a week from today, Steam will launch for the Mac.  With it come beloved games from Steam and Valve, such as Left for Dead 2,PortalTeam Fortress 2, and more.
There have been a few questions rolling around concerning Steam for Mac, and with the launch date so near, I just want to answer the most common.
“Will I have to repurchase a game I already own on the PC for my Mac?”
No.  Any games that you have on your PC can be downloaded to your Mac, and vise-versa.  
“If I’m playing a multiplayer game such as TF2 on a Mac, can I play with PC players?  Or am I confined to a Mac-only player pool?”
PC and Mac users will not be segregated.  All players will play together on the same servers regardless of platform.
“If I’m playing a game on my PC, save, and go to my Mac, do I have access
to my save?”
Through the use of Steam Cloud, yes.  Game saves, as well as sprays, custom configurations, etc. will be applied to your other computer.  
“Can I have a friend play with my account on my Mac while I’m on my PC?”
Dummy, your account can only be logged on in one place at any given time.
So if you’re a PC owner with a Mac that could use a little gaming love, or a Mac owner with little to do in terms of gaming, have no fear!  Steam for Mac is on its way, and as a soon to be Mac owner, I’m pretty pumped.