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Rainwave: Streaming Video Game Music


Video game music is a huge part of my collection. Honestly speaking, it's the music I hear the most because I spend more time playing games than I do listening to my Zune. So often times, I like listening to video game music when I'm at work. Except, aside from what is on my MP3 player, it's difficult to find good video game music unless I've played that game myself.

That is, until I discovered Rainwave streams video game songs from hundreds of games, both classic and contemporary. It was through this site that I discovered that I really enjoy music from the Advance Wars series. I love turn-based strategy games as well, so I don't know why I never got into this series. Either way, I was just stoked to find a place like rainwave that was able to introduce me to songs I haven't heard before. It's essentially the Pandora of video game music.

If you like video game music I highly suggest you give this place a shot. Their client seems to run well on VLC Media Player, and the quality of the sound is near-perfect. In addition, if you login to their system, you can request any song from their list. Your songs are almost guaranteed to get played as well, since I've never seen more than 70 people logged in at one time and most people don't request anything.

Be warned however. Every now and then some people will play a random J-pop song from an obscure Japanese video game. That's usually when I switch back to Pandora. Unless it's a Katamari Damacy song. That's when I sing along and everybody at work stares at me.


This is really excellent to know about the particular information given above.
Music has been a big part of games. Specially like video games because without music games are play less. The whole interest for playing games comes from music. There were been several games which has been added from earlier till now in the games to make much interest in it. As like that music is not very much but then also it plays an in important part in our life.
Thanks for sharing this great information with us.
Keep up your great work always...

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