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Bored at Work March 10, 2010: Music Catch 2


Bored at Work: The Series
When away from videogames, many of our readers will find themselves bored.  Either at work or at school, our minds will always wander from the task at hand back to the pastime we love.  Bored at Work will be a weekly blog post dedicated to my absent-mindedness at my day job; a tribute to finding games to play or think about, wherever they may be found.

Music Catch 2

    When I waste time at work (and as a projectionist, there is a lot of downtime) I often find my way to Kongregate to make the day go a little faster.  If you haven’t been there, I highly recommend signing up.  When you play games there, you earn achievements that increase the level of your account, and as an achievement whore, I sink a lot of time into it. 

     However, despite how often I play at Kongregate, my account score is incredibly low.  The reason for this phenomenon is that I spend 75% of my time playing Music Catch 2.

    Music Catch 2 allows you to control a small circle that can pick up music notes:  green or blue notes earn you points, yellow notes increase the size of your circle to make note collection easier, red notes decrease the size of your circle, purple notes pull all notes right to your circle, and flashing notes turn all on screen notes into yellow notes.  If it sounds simple, it is, but honestly, that’s the best part about it.  Avoiding red notes is not screamingly hard, but you can’t let yourself go into auto pilot.  

    What really keeps the game together is its music.  A compilation of light, airy piano pieces accompany you as you play, and will occasionally grip you with subtle moments of depth.  Once you clear enough of the game’s content, you are allowed to link online mp3s to be played in-game, which is nothing short of totally awesome.

    In short, one of the best time wasters around.  

    See you next week when I’m bored at work!