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FF XII Report: Jones Starts Seeing FF Junk All Around Him


I was really, really into Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 for awhile. I was so into it that no matter where I was--in the subway, on the street, in a hotel lobby--I'd catch myself looking for skating lines. I'd think, "Well, I could ollie up onto that railing, then kickflip to that picnic table, then grind the ladder on top of that fire truck. And that should net me around 4,000 points. Sweet."

Yes, sometimes I use the word "sweet" in my private thoughts.

What of it?

If you've been following my embarrassing, soul-baring Final Fantasy XII posts this week, then you know I'm completely steeped in that world right now. The lines are blurring between The Real World and The Game World. Which, if you've ever had this happen to you, is a cool thing.

In fact, today I found a site that will come up with a FF name for you. (Scott Jones = "Croix Dragonius." Which is lame.) Also: Yesterday, when I got dressed, I put on a vest WITHOUT A SHIRT ON UNDERNEATH IT. Thankfully, I caught myself in time before I left the house like that. Whew!

Still more evidence of how steeped I am in FF XII: This morning I was standing in my kitchen eating a dish of oatmeal when I noticed the brand name on my dishwasher. Yes, the spelling is off by a few letters, but it still reminded me of a certain someone with a scar above his left eye.