Crispy Gamer

Confession: I Bought A Collector's Edition (And I'm Not Sure Why)


I sort of lost my mind yesterday and wound up spending $100 on the Collector's Edition of Assassin's Creed II.

I was in the game store, one thing led to another, and suddenly the cashier was asking me if I needed a bag for this surprisingly large, ornate tin.

"I do," I said. "I don't want anyone on the street seeing me with this thing. Ha, ha!"

"You know," he said quietly, "I'm a sucker for these things too. I don't know why. If there's a Collector's Edition, I have to have it."

Me and my newly acquired Collector's Edition made the walk home in the drizzly Vancouver rain together.

I opened the large, decorative tin and took out my detailed figurine Ezio. I set it on my desk. I looked at it for awhile. What have I done? I wondered.

I don't mind the figurine so much. I'm not sure yet whether I want it in my apartment. I'll keep it on my desk for a few days and see how I feel about it.

But what I do mind is the pointless, useless, over-produced art booklet. What am I supposed to do with this? Leave it on my coffee table for visitors to enjoy when I serve them coffee/danish? "Perhaps you might enjoy leisurely leafing through this 20-page booklet? I highly recommend the 'OBJECTS' section! Brilliant!"

I'm also confused about this large tin box with Ezio's face printed on it. Should I store my bagels in it? What the hell? Of course, I can't really blame Ubisoft. As long as people like me, and the game store cashier, get overly excited on release days and make terrible, reckless, regrettable decisions, publisher will keep making these things.