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No Russian, No Problem


 I was intent on ignoring the No Russian mission in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 but there have been so many blog posts (this one, this one and this one) our review and this feature article that I figured - what the hell - I'll throw my .02 in there just for fun.


Ironically I speak no Russian, so perhaps it is appropriate that I discuss this important topic - though those that have met me will tell you that I barely speak English.


Thinking about it all fills me with conflicting emotions - passion, reason and a sense of self loathing.. much like the characters in a Harlequin Presents romance novel. And oddly enough, the back cover of the novel, Harlequin Presents: By Royal Command, sums up my feelings on No Russian precisely:


Prince of Passion!

The only way Lauren can escape from the war-torn island of Sant'Rosa is to marry Guy, a sexy stranger in a fake ceremony.

But reunited with Guy under safe conditions, Lauren is overwhelmed by the mutual feelings of explosive desire!! And he has news for her: he's really a prince and Lauren is obligated to marry him again -- BY ROYAL COMMAND!


Oh no they didn't just describe the controversy of Modern Warfare 2!?! Yes they did.