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?Welcome to the King of Iron Fist!?: Practice Makes Perfect?


Let others have their Madden, NBA or Bigs franchises. Tekken games are my sport.

Ever since Tekken 3 in college, I’ve spent hours in the various games’ Practice Modes, working out my own ways to link moves together. That hasn’t changed much over the years. It’s happened that Lei Wu-Long’s become my main guy. My Tiger Woods, my Michael Jordan, if you will.

I’ve also picked up some decent skills with Paul Phoenix and Xiaoyu, too.  However, one thing I hate about Tekken 6’s Practice mode is having to manually select each move your CPU opponent throws at you. In older versions, you could set their behavior to attack and they’d constantly come at you. It was the best option for training but isn’t apparently available here. Now, you’ve got to click every move you want to defend against. When a character like Armor King has 105 moves, it gets very tedious. On the plus side, I’ve leaned that the elder of the game’s Mexican wrestlers has a move called Death Sandwich. So, there’s that.

Once you know that I take practice seriously, it probably makes sense that I’ve always obsessed over my stats in Tekken. I’m not as concerned about my win/loss ratio but I like to keep my percentage up. I’ve noticed a weird thing about the way T6 manages your wins and losses. You can only work your way up the ladder of honorifics–Brawler, Mentor, Tekken Legend–in the Ghost Mode and those same wins go into your overall stats. But the system for online rankings is different. Bouts from online Ranked matches get pegged to each character but don’t affect your title. So, you can pad your wins in Ghost Mode and move up the title ladder but when you’re facing off against opponents in Online Mode, you can’t actually be sure how much they’ve fought against other people.

Which was exactly the case last night. I faced off against a player who was using Asuka. She’s one of those characters that I hate. Asuka’s fast and powerful and her moves shift from high to low and back again very quickly. I was getting beat the hell up, and wound up being brutally thrown all around the screen. I was down 0-2 in no time flat. Asuka was doing a good job of stalling my moves and dodging my kicks, too. This was looking bad. I try to experiment a little with side-stepping and Lei’s rushing punches that transition into his different stances. I’m not sure if that’s what did it but it’s enough for me to comeback and take the fight 3-2. But, my record for the night winds up being two wins and three losses. It was a rough night for my Hong Kong policeman, but hey I can always rack up some wins in Offline Mode.


Tekken 6 Diary: 11-10-09, 12:30 am

Fight Record: 41 wins-10 losses.
Rank: 1st dan