Crispy Gamer

RIP Rannie Yoo


I had to stop working to think about life and death today. Many of us did.

They often say that our business is a business of youth.

But you never expect those who are young to leave, to go, to die.

Rannie Yoo was a public relations person par excellence. Like many of the public relations pros with which we writers deal, she was a sweetheart, funny, thoughtful, giving. She certainly always went the extra mile for me whenever I had a request.

Rannie just died of a rare form of cancer. Few of us knew of her condition until she posted “25 Things About My Cancer” on Facebook a week or so ago. Bravely, she wrote, “I have to sleep with my head elevated every night, because of the swelling on my face and neck due to radiation. My jaw tends to drop open in this position, causing my mouth and throat to become PAINFULLY dry. I've been tucking teddy bears under my chin which keeps my mouth closed most of the time. I call this "teddy bear therapy." Max, my friend's Zak's teddy bear, is in charge with David's childhood bear working as the head nurse. “

It blindsided us, and the many “Get Well Soon” postings on her Wall were indications of how liked she was. Rannie was just in her 30s, and she had that childlike sense of wonder that all of us who love video games and the people who make them hold onto so dearly.

I can’t imagine the courage she mustered and the pain she endured.

So forget Master Chief and Mario for a while today.

Take a moment, be silent, say a prayer if you do that, for Rannie Yoo.