Crispy Gamer

10 Things I'm Looking Forward to Doing in the NYC Crispy Office


I'm heading for the airport shortly, boarding an Air Canada flight, then beginning the long journey back to Crispy Central in New York City.

I actually fly into Newark.


For those of you who don't know, Crispy Gamer is rare in that it's one of the few gaming-centric publications unique enough, or crazy enough, to set up shop in New York City.

The orange-painted office--that shade of orange has been known to drive lesser men insane--is located in a no-man's-land part of town that probably resembles Grand Theft Auto's Liberty City more than it does the rest of New York. Downstairs from our building, there are many suspicious clothing shops (which are no doubt fronts for other activities) and places to buy chicken (which are also no doubt fronts for other activities). It seems like everything is being torn down and/or built up around us; huge pieces of yellow-colored construction equipment rumble along the street. (Or at least they did a few months ago, last time I was there.)

At night, it's not uncommon to see ladies with love for sale patroling our block.

During the day, it's not uncommon for the building's heat not to function. (Note to self: Pack old-man cardigans.)

The office is a dirty, beautiful place. There are notes tacked above the toilets which describe the proper way to flush. There is an elevator that eeriely opens and closes of its own volition. There is a tiny IKEA couch that I'm pretty sure more than one person in the office (was it you?) has spent the night on. There is the smell of old food in the afternoons. There is the smell of old food farts in the evenings.

Ah, Crispy.

Anyway, here are the 10 things I'm most looking forward to in NYC.

1. Hugging Elise.

2. Have a pint at Keens across the street.

3. Organizing the game room and being tempted once again to borrow the office copy of Ninja Blade. (NO!)

4. Trying to decipher the half-erased messages on the office white board. (Wait... Is that the words "Get rid of Jones" I see? NO!)

5. Waiting patiently for the elevator with the Fed-Ex guy.

6. Having Teti declare that my salad from Pax "smells like ass."

7. Listening to Elise giggle uncontrollably each time she receives an IM from Dave Thomas and/or Gus Mastrapa and/or Tom Chick.

8. Trying to keep names of the new interns (plural) straight. (Note to self: Buy name-tags.)

9. Standing in front of the open fridge and wondering why we have a million Diet Dr. Peppers.

10. Wondering how on earth someone got a NERF dart stuck way up in there.

Leave the porch light on for me.

Daddy's coming home.