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TGS 2009: Teti and Jones Go To A Baseball Game


Yesterday we went to an afternoon baseball game at the Tokyo Dome. Teti got us tickets through some shifty journalist named Wayne who I made the mistake of calling "Wade," and once I realized how irritated Teti was by my mistake, I decided to go ahead and refer to the guy as "Wade" for the rest of the day. Getting Teti all red-assed about something is SO FUN. 

We watched the Yomiuri Giants beat the Chunichi Dragons 5 to 3 in the quickest nine innings of baseball I have ever seen.

More importantly, whenever the game got boring, we could watch the cute vending girls who were dressed in brightly colored shorts climb the Dome's vertigo-inducing incline with LITTLE KEGS OF BEER strapped to their backs.

It's settled: I now know what I want my future wife to wear on our wedding night. 

JONES FANTASY #004: My wife, who will bear more than a passing resemblance to Cheryl Tiegs, will say, "Let me slip into somethng more comfortable." And she would disappear into the bathroom of our expensive hotel room. The bed would be covered with rose petals VOTED MOST ROMANTIC GESTURE EVER 2008 AND 2009. I would put some Bryan Adams songs on the radio.

And then a few minutes later, the door would open and I would see this: