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TGS 2009: Jones and Teti Arrive, Drop Bags, Describe Tokyo as "OUR KIND OF TOWN."


Teti and I are in Tokyo all this week, staying at the Shinguku Prince Hotel, a hotel that has no gym whatsover, but on the plus side, it does have a button on the in-room telephone clearly labeled MASSAGE.

They also sell beer in the vending machines down the hall. And little bottles of red wine. And some liquors. This is a most refreshing change of pace from British Columbia where one must traverse dozens of blocks just to reach a beer and wine store that will probably already be closed by the time you get there. Hooray for Canada most of the time, but boo on this issue.

I also noticed a nearby business called "Men's Relaxation Space," which I'm fairly certain is a place for men to, well, relax in the oldest, most relaxing way that men know how to relax.

Finally, my hotel room is on the 20th floor and features this vertigo-inducing view:

Teti found this place. God bless his little crabby heart. I just got a new camera, so I'm still monkeying around with it, but if I can take a halfway decent night-time shot, I'll post it later on.

Stay tuned all week long for our posts from the TGS parties, the happenings, the doings, the get-togethers, the after-doings, and, of course, the inevitable awkwardness.