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Swag Tester: Win a Copy of King of Fighters XII + A Kyo Figure!


Congratulations to commenters Confessor, piccolo13, and w1ndst0rm. They all won novel DS styluses simply by commenting on the last Swag Tester. If you want to be like them -- witty, urbane, doyens of the comment-thread chattering class -- I will make it simple for you. I have placed a small box at the bottom of this page. If you type words in this box and click the orange button, other people will see your words. After you have put your words in the box and clicked the button, you will have a chance to win…

1. A copy of King of Fighters XII for the Xbox 360. OK, yes, I didn't like this game so much. But maybe you will, which would be super, because then you'll be especially happy to get it for free. Happier than I was, at least. (Don't worry, your game will be a fresh, shrink-wrapped copy, not my disc, which is too saturated with tears and anger for the Xbox to even recognize it anymore.)

2. A lifelike figure of KOF 12 character Kyo Kusanagi. When my KOF 12 package arrived from the publisher, the poor FedEx envelope looked ready to burst from the seams. I figured either KOF 12 was a 40-disc epic, or there was something extra in there. The bonus was a box enticingly labeled "POLYRESIN FIGURE: KYO." Wow, polyresin! That is a word that means something, I assume!

Kyo was rushed to the Swag Tester Swag Testing Facilities For Testing Of Swag. (I know the name seems redundant. I'm SORRY, all right? The sign maker was having a two-letters-for-the-price-of-one deal, and maybe I went a little overboard.)

Swag Tester verdict: A good figure, I figure. <-- Get it?

To enter, add a comment below with your answer to the question, "What is the most impressive special move you've ever pulled off in a game?" Could be a fighting-game move, could be something else. As always, this is a free-form exercise. You can go all e. e. cummings on us, and your entry will still count.

A new rule: You can't win twice in a row. Spread the wealth. The old rules: Winner chosen at random from eligible commenters, U.S. residents only. Good luck!