Crispy Gamer

The underbelly of Xbox Live



Despite all the compassionate talk from Microsoft about homophobia and racism, both are alive and well on Xbox Live. While the people employing such colorful language might think they are just being cute and adding some spice to a Stanger’s game of UNO, for example, it is highly offensive and rampant. Here's how a typical game goes. Four players start a Live game. One or two players start insulting the entire room:  

"We don't like n*****s here. We hang n******s for fun," or "You're a f****t. Play the nine f****t."

  Now i'm a pretty thick skinned individual. Having grown up with five brothers i've heard just about every filthy, politically incorrect word on the planet. But imagine if I was an African American or Gay and I had to listen to this kind of talk. These words would be more than just salty words amongst strangers in an unfriendly game of UNO. These words would be like getting punched in the face.

Microsoft has talked about changing its policy and enforcing the rules a little better, but Xbox Live continues to be the Wild West on online console gaming.  Sadly this is regular occurrence on Xbox Live. I know that you can mute players and sometimes its just best to ignore idiotic behavior, but is it too much to ask that someone enforce at least some of the rules?

Besides, sometimes ignoring the problem is the wrong approach. Instead more players should report this kind of behavior to Microsoft - there's a system for it, after all. Then we can complain to them when they don't do what they are supposed to do.

image credit: max.limitz