Crispy Gamer

PeeeeYew!! Something Stinky This Way Comes


Game critics are always happy to see what kind of PR-related kitsch comes in the mail. It's like the holiday for those who appreciate gifts that are $5 and under. 

So when I got the pliable little guy below, which is meant to promote Little King's Story, I thought it was pretty cool. He's a cute, but slightly evil looking enemy in an admirable, charming RPG game with RTS elements from the folks who brought you Harvest Moon. It's getting high scores all around.

Anyway, the Onni below is a UMA (Unidentified Mysterious Enemy), a baddie who moves quickly when startled and throws things at you with power and speed. 

But, blow me down. The physical representation of Onni stinks to high heaven. Like, gag me and give me allergies at the same time. Maybe that's because he looks like a skunk, and I don't mean Sarah Palin.

As I sit here, the little dude is exuding his smelly, moldy stink from five feet away, from high on a shelf. Yet I can't dump him due to the cuteness factor. "Open the window and hold your nose" if you got one of these rubber Onnis.