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Michael Jackson's son: Star Wars or Xbox?


There are two mags I read religiously. The best is The Week (by far the only mag you need to read) and the second is Us (the best mag to make you feel cheap and dirty).

In this week's Us, there's an interview with one of Michael Jackson's family friends, who happened to be at a Christmas party in which Princess Leia, Carrie Fisher, showed up to bring Jackson's kids a Star Wars Jabba The Hut doll. It also included a bikini clad Leia figurine, BTW. This apparently enthused the kids for about five minutes. Then, Prince, the oldest of the kids, went back to talking about Xbox. Of course, Jackson, the deceased, was a video game fanatic.

Jackson kinda was important in my writing life as a 20 year old in the sense that I wrote about him for various rags and review his shows on a TV program for which I was an underpaid critic. Here's below is a press pass from back in the day.

Last weekend, I really quite enjoyed playing Moonwalker, the old Sega game. I wonder if Prince is gonna pull out that old gem at some point and play. Not right now though. Fresh wounds.  




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