Crispy Gamer

eBay's Overpriced Collectibles, Yo


Are they high?

I started checking out eBay video game collectibles recently, and, man, are these things overpriced. I can almost understand that the frenzy surrounding MJ made someone believe they could get a $2,000 for the middling but fun Moonwalker game. More reasonable was a Tim-Schaefer-signed copy of Grim Fandango for around 500 clams.

How about 5,000 for a Sega watch? Selling points: One of a kind rarity! Made in China.

Is this Atari console worth four grand? Selling points: OldSchool! Includes Pac-Man(hot).

Makes me wanna put my sealed copy of Spyro The Dragon up and price it at grand.   

Is anyone dumb enough to pay inflated prices for this stuff? I hope not. I mean, maybe for the holidays, people'll get all hot and bothered and pay big bucks for stuff that's not worth the price. But in the middle of summer in a deep recession? 

Dream on. Ain't gonna happen.

BTW: Anyone wanna buy a Ralph Baer-signed Odyssey? Just joking.