Crispy Gamer

Games in Random Places


While sitting in a lobby of a hotel I wasn't staying at and availing myself of its free internet to crank out E3 coverage, I noticed that an Xbox 360 lurked undeneath the TV that was showing CNN.




No indication was clear as to what the hotel used it for, but surely they had to use it for more than a DVD player, right? Monthly SceneIt battles or epic Fight Night tournaments? I powered it up, hoping for clues. Thankfully, the thing hadn't red-ringed but there was no disc inside. I was really hoping for Left 4 Dead, but alas. In the very same lobby, a young teenage lad was hungrily watching YouTube video from purporting to be from the Left 4 Dead 2 beta. I shoulder-surfed long enough to see that it did indeed look like the real deal. Later, as I got up for a stretch break (stop laughing! they're important!), the same kid was playing what looked like Peggle. Who says hardcore and casual are mutually exclusive?

The run-in with the 360 reminded me of a night out about a month ago on Manhattan's Upper West Side, where I stumbled upon a reflective mirror advert for the DSi in the men's room of a crowded bar.  I snapped a few pics and looking back, it seems to me that Nintendo's admen might be making a joke about beer goggles.


Anyone else have unexpected video game run-ins recently?