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Justice League Alert!: DCUO on PS3


Villainy hit the PS3 in style at E3, where DC Universe Online debuted on Sony’s system for the first time. I checked out a mission called Mutant Rampage, thanks to an early pre-alpha build. The mission involved a mutagen leak that’s turning people into misshapen freaks at super-science outfit STAR Labs, with different objectives for either hero or villain played out side by side. As a villain, the goal was to steal the mutagen and get it out to the Secret Society of Supervillains and as an auxilliary member of the Justice League of America, the player had to secure an antidote, subdue infected STAR Labs staff and bring the source of the mutagen to be eliminated. The folks at SOE call the well-known characters of DCUO “Iconics” and they were on display for the first time, too. The Joker and his psychopathic jester girlfriend Harley Quinn aided the villain character in his mayhem, while the hero avatar partnered up with Batman and later Superman and Green Arrow to quell the chaos.


Both sides of the mission were running on a PC and PS3 simultaneously on the same server. This cross-platform feature’s long been talked about but this marks the first time that it’s ever been shown. As the mission moved into its final stage, play shifted from a player vs. enemy scenario to player vs. player skirmishing. These big free-for-alls get explained in the story, too, this time as a showdown between the JLA and SSOV. The promises about action-heavy physics-based gameplay seemed well on their way to being kept and the good vibes generated by watching a create-a-character fight alongside the Dark Knight made me geek out a little bit. DCUO remains a game I can’t wait to get my hands on.