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Welcome To Real Life Rapture: The Westin Bonaventure


Last night Teti, Narcisse and I had dinner with our colleagues from Sony at a Japanese steak house on the sixth floor of the Westin Bonaventure in Los Angeles. The running joke of the night: the hotel's alarming resemblance to Rapture.

With its acquatic-themed lobby, complete with a shooting arc of water that John Teti can't seem keep his hands out of, to its absurdly out of date decor, this place looks and feels like something terrible happened here, and now only Splicers remain.

I blame the filming of True Lies. This is the hotel where some famous scenes from True Lies were apparently filmed. I know, because there's a plaque next to the elevator that I ride every morning that says, THIS IS ONE OF TWO ELEVATORS THAT WERE USED IN THE FILMING OF TRUE LIES STARRING ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER. And I'm pretty sure the lobby, the rooms, this whole place hasn't been touched since. Even the aforementioned Japanese steak house had a kind of we're-open-but-we're-closed feel. The waiter and the cook seemed almost alarmed to have customers last night.

We ate, and ate well, but I kept thinking I could hear a Big Daddy letting out his Big Daddy groans, off in the distance.


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