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Crispy 2.0 Status Report: Your Status


One of the goals of our redesign is to give readers more ways to connect with Crispy's Game Trust writers and with each other. To this end, on June 1, we're giving all of you a more robust profile with some fun enhancements.


Say you read a really smart comment by a fellow user and wonder what else they're up to on Crispy. Soon, you will be able to click through to their profile page and see all of their recent activity in the community and comments on articles.


In addition, you will have the ability to set a status message, which you can update as often as you'd like. This message will appear along with your username and avatar anywhere you comment on Crispy.


The Game Trust bio pages are also getting a major upgrade, to help you find writers with whom you identify and connect with them. Their bio, community profile, and contributions listing all will be rolled up into one, making it easier to read their most recent articles, blog posts, comments, status and more.


But June 1 is still a few days away, and we're an eager lot. To prepare you for the new Crispy, some members of the Game Trust have generously offered up their statuses in advance. What's up with you? Post your status in the comments so we can all get to know one another better.



Kyle Orland: "Collecting embarassing/memorable E3 presser moments for a feature. Hoping to collect more at this year's show!"


John Teti: "John Teti is joylessly eating a sandwich."

Ryan Kuo:  "This week's to-do list: Get my 360 online. Download Heavy Weapon. Camp out in the Megaton women's restroom; see if anyone comes in and/or freaks out -_-;;;;"


Gus Mastrapa: "Hit myself on forehead with drum stand while disassembling GHWT kit. Broken blood vessels."


Troy S. Goodfellow: "I would like to edit this podcast down to under an hour, but people talk too much."


David Thomas: "I am watching a video about pig insemination, but promise to get back to work soon."


Chris Buecheler: "Working tirelessly on tweaks, fixes, changes and improvements to the new site!"


Evan Narcisse:  "hoping to sneak in some more InFamous before my fancy anniversary dinner with my girlfriend. Zzzzt!"


James Fudge: "my power supply blew up!"


John Keefer: "Getting the good word on Crispy out to PR people and publishers everywhere."


Elise Vogel: "<|==(X_X)==<<"


And for those of you who are hoping for more: Wait and see -- more is coming.


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