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  • To unlock Zombie Survival Mode in this summer's hottest side scroller beat-em-up, hit down, up, right, down, up right, down, up, right, right, right from the start menu.

    You'll be prompted to choose a character and difficulty, though the difficulty is largely dependent on how you've built up your character's stats and their level. I wouldn't recommend going into it without working on your stats first.

    You'll be placed in an online leaderboard based on your KOs and survival time. I had 74 KOs in approximately 5 minutes on my first try on Easy with a level 16 Scott. At the time of this post, the top ranking had over 850 KOs within about a half an hour. There's a lot of fun to be had here, even if you've already completed the game.

  • Mafia 2 honestly hasn't been on my radar as of yet. I bought the original Mafia when it first came out and I couldn't make it past the first chapter. The controls were all over the place and using a gamepad didn't seem to help matters. The story also didn't grab me, but maybe I'm just not a "mob gangster" sorta fan.

    So it was out of sheer boredom that I downloaded the Steam demo of Mafia 2. The first thing I did was take a look at the keybindings and, unfortunately, the same level of needless complexity is still present. Why do I need a separate key for "break window to steal car" (Q) and regular ol' "enter car" (F). This isn't a flight simulator I'm playing, it's a GTA clone!

    Step 1: Find a sweet ride and then plow into as many...

  • In a pair of articles over at USA Today Gamehunters, Mike Snider revealed today the names of some of the primo voice acting talent that we can expect to hear in Fallout: New Vegas. Topping the list is Wayne frikking Newton. Yep, Mr. Las Vegas himself will be providing the voice for a centuries old computer DJ. From the sound of it, Mr. Newton may be replacing Fallout 3’s DJ Three Dog, and let me just say, good riddance.

    Some of the other voice actors (and their characters) include: 

    Matthew Perry (Friends) lends his voice to the character Benny, the head of the Geckos crime family, and a bit of a weasel. 

    Zachary Levi (Chuck) will be voicing a playable character named Arcade. A member of the Followers of the Apocalypse (the crazy-ass cult that...

  • Representing Crispy Gamer, next week I will be attending QuakeCon2010 in Dallas, TX. 4 days of peace, love and rockets, QuakeCon is the biggest LAN party in North America. The DFW area will see a dramatic rise in it’s mean IQ and celibacy levels as thousands of gamers will be flocking downtown Dallas with their PCs in tow in order to participate in this massive BYOC (bring your own computer) event. As this massive network forms it will be home to countless deathmatches, CTF battles and even World Class Tournaments, and I’ll be there to provide coverage for you, my dear readers. 

    I’m preparing by trying to figure out where I can rent a digital video camera, as well as a manual on how to use it. At the very least though, I’ll bring my trusty camera along in order to document the festivities.

    See you there.

    -Chase Slaton

  • EA announced recently that the next big Sims game (that isn’t technically an expansion) will put players in control of their own medieval fantasy kingdom, and all the dirty, plague ridden, little quasi-European peasants they could ever hope for. EA’s announcement hints that rather than being either a lone sequel or spin-off, The Sims Medieval may be part of an entirely new Sims series. The Sims Medieval is expected to hit the shelves sometime next year unless it happens to get delayed for some reason. But that shouldn’t be a problem, as what are the chances that the release date on an EA game could get pushed back due to delays?

    According to EA, Sims Medieval will give players the opportunity to create heroes, ride off on quests, build up and control the destiny of a kingdom, and control every sim in the land. Players will be able to control sim kings, queens, knights, wizards, blacksmiths and bards. The various quests available...

  • People, this is not a joke. Go to this website:

    GamerDNA partnered up with EA to get 20,000 Medal of Honor Beta codes for the Xbox 360. Granted, the beta is still only active until August 9th but, if you were on the fence about which shooter to buy this holiday season, I suggest you get the code and try the multiplayer out.

    I've tried the Beta. I'm telling you right now, it's sick. Call of Duty has a legitimate challenger once again and it comes from an old rival in Medal of Honor. The multiplayer game engine was designed my DICE, who also helped bring us Battlefield: Bad Company 2. So if you enjoyed Battlefield at all, you need to try out this Beta.

    These codes are flying out pretty fast though, so I highly suggest you jump on this offer now. Just go to the site listed above, get your code and then go...

  • According to a Famitsu report, last year's briefest, 8-bitiest PSP game, Half-Minute Hero, will be getting a sequel. The new iteration of the game is said to continue to place heavy emphasis on fast adventuring and plowing quickly through battle, though time will freeze while traversing the overworld map.

    The original game featured four modes. In Hero 30, you are given 30 seconds to save the Princess from the Evil Lord, where random battles consist of the hero and enemy running at each other until one of them dies. Time can be extended by offering money to the time goddess, though it costs more each visit. Princess 30 puts you in charge of the Princess who must leave the castle to find an item that will save her dying father, however due to danger the queen will only keep the door open for 30 seconds. Evil Lord 30 puts you into a real-time strategy game in which the Evil Lord must gather troops and take down the opposing force - you guessed it, in 30 seconds...

  • In an interview with the folks over at, Bungie’s Community Director, Brian Jarrard, has announce that with Halo: Reach, they will attempt what so many gamers have always dreamed of, the metaphorical bitch slapping of annoying pricks on X-Box LIVE.

    Jarrard claims that Bungie has developed tools that will allow them to detect and penalize gamers who make a habit of leaving unfinished multiplayer sessions out of spite, an all too common phenomenon known as ragequitting. However, Jarrard doesn’t appear to go into much detail regarding how Bungie actually intends to achieve this feat, and we’re left to ponder the future of online gaming, at least until the full interviews is posted over at X360A.

    Given Jarrard’s claim that their desire is to eventually “remove them [ragequitters] from the population so they can’t make everyone else keep having a bad time,” I have to wonder how much X-Box LIVE the folks over at Bungie actually play. The cleansing...

  • Like video games and drinking, but don't live in the greater NYC area?  Well, you're in luck!  Why go to the games and the drinks, when the games and drinks can come to you?  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Gamerator.  It's an arcade cabinet, complete with dual joystick positions, trackball, and a keg built into the base. 

    Now you need not ruin your high score to grab your next round!

    Check it out here!

  • If you like video games and drinking and live in the greater New York City area, then you owe it to yourself to check out Barcade.  This gaming hot spot is located at 388 Union Avenue in Brooklyn.  It's difficult to put into words the feeling of drinking a fine libation in one hand while having your butt kicked by those terrible little blobs in Pengo.  You'll just have to take my word that it's something pretty special. 

    The bar features a wide slection of beer, lots of open space to stand and drink, and a couple dozen classic arcade cabinets.  The best part? Each game still costs just 25 cents.

  • You're got 1500 quests to finish up, and just a few months before a major expansion will utterly decimate the game world your avatar grew up in?  You, sir, are going to need a little pick me up for all those long nights! A little energy - perhaps, even, a little mana?

    Well, look no further!  Harcos Laboratories is your one-stop source for all your video-game-friendly energy needs!  Fingers feeling sluggish while playing your finger-wiggler? Bam, Mana Energy Potion!  WASDing your way alone through the harsh irradiated landscape that used to be a landmark of Americana and feelin' a little down? Go nuke yourself with a vial of Nuclear Energy Powder!  Your dorm room of survivors getting slaughtered by the undead after writing through a long all-nighter? Suck down ...

  • Honestly, if you're reading this, stop, leave your studio apartment, basement, or dungeon, and go pick up Starcraft II.  It's only the biggest game release since WoW's Wrath of the Lich King.

    Go ahead, we'll wait - We promise.

    Come on people, go Zerg rush something already!!

  • As I strolled through GameStop today to pick up my copy of Starcraft II, I didn't see any free flash games fluttering through the air or peeking out at me from behind used copies of God of War III. Normally, it would be pretty odd of me to think to look for free flash games at the giant retail chain, but with the announcement that has been purchased by GS, my search seems a lot less silly.

    In a video on the site, COO Jim Greer assures us that all is well, nothing will change, and that the '80s were a wonderful and wacky period for American music.  Greer seems positive that the acquisition will only be a good thing for both companies, allowing Kongregate access to GS's far greater resources, and allowing GameStop to build an online presence....

  • It happens to everyone, even the best of us:  You and your marine buddies are out on another bughunt and everything is going well, when suddenly a facehugger parasite jumps out of nowhere and clamps onto someone’s face.  Now the victim is going to die painfully over the next several seconds, and it’s up to his comrades to answer one critical question to save his life: How do you cure infestation?

    The IAF wishes to remind its soldiers that professional healing or a specialized v45 Electric Charged Armor unit are the only ways to cure infestation.  Proven healing practices include deploying an official IAF Heal Beacon or applying an IAF Medical Gun to the parasite victim, as well as the use of a personal healing kit.  And while the IAF applauds the innovative thinking of our armed forces, we wish to discourage any attempts at “improvised healing” that soldiers often resort to.  The following tactics have been proven...

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  • Hey WoW players!  All those annoying keys and buttons just too much for you to handle?  Well, now you can spam heals, trigger macros, or let everyone know that despite wiping your entire raid, you at least have chicken - all without lifting a finger!  It's the Word of Warcraft Tap Chat!

    You see it's a pedal, and you... well, you step on it... and it does stuff! Cool stuff!  Really cool stuff!  Stuff your hands are too busy to do!

    Well, that's the idea anyway.  Whether or not I actually have enough fingers to open my chat channel the old fashioned way, I don't know.  What I do know is that I want to be able to trigger my mic with my feet, and, really, that might be all the incentive I need to pick up this little peripheral.

  • Valve released a new game this week.  Surprised?  I certainly was.  But there’s more: It’s available for free, it’s not a first-person shooter, and, most surprisingly of all, it was released on time (rim shot).

    But that’s about where the surprises end.  Alien Swarm is a cooperative online shooter that pits four players, armed to the teeth, against a massive horde of enemies as they fight their way through a series of stages in a broader campaign.  So is Left 4 Dead, one of Valve’s earlier releases.  Let’s try again: Alien Swarm follows a tough-talking yet diverse unit of space marines as they investigate a colony that has dropped out of contact, only to discover that it has been overrun by vicious aliens bent on massacring everyone.  That’s also the plot of James Cameron’s Aliens, the 1986 blockbuster that spawned a generation of sci-fi horror.


  • Rush's 2112 Album which featured epic Progressive Rock tracks such as the six-part 20 minute song "2112" and "The Twilight Zone" will be available to play on the newest iteration of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. A video interview trailer with the band can be seen after the break.

    The video also focuses on how the single-player campaign will be fleshed out more so than any other Guitar Hero game (possibly more-so than any other game in the music genre actually). Personally, the single-player story line really does not affect me as I loved the Guitar Hero series for it's multiplayer experience.

    I say "loved" in the past tense because the song list in recent games has strayed away from metal, and more importantly for me, progressive metal. Having Rush prominently featured in the game did make me curious about the set list. I was...