Crispy Gamer

The Most Inspirational Video Ever Made


The Crispy Gamer crew is working on a lot of cool projects this month. It's going to be an exhausting May, and with a stretch of gray weather lately in New York (where Crispy Gamer World HQ is located), conditions were ripe for office doldrums. A veritable powderkeg of low morale, if that makes sense, which it doesn't.

As a pre-emptive strike against the impending malaise, Scott Jones and I put together this inspirational video to end all inspirational videos. I thought I would share it with you so that you could view it any time you need a boost.


(Special bonus! in-joke explanations: Ryan Kuo went to medical school for a while. Elise Vogel tends to stay late at the office and frequently makes "offhand" references to her long hours in casual conversation.)

Are you inspired yet??????!?!?!