Crispy Gamer

The Black Gate Murders: The Rules


If you are unfamiliar with what's going on here, then you might want to read my introduction to the concept first. While I was thinking about this experiment, I realized that I had a few goals I wanted to accomplish:

1) kill everyone

 2) beat the game.


In order to do this - and to do it in a way that wasn't a cheat-enabled speed run, I came up with seven rules, though only six really apply to the main goal.. They are as follows:


1. Do not use cheats.
As tempting as it is to climb the roof to the workshop in Trinsic at the beginning of the game and get the Death Scythe at the beginning of the game, it makes the entire experiment pointless.

2. Play the game as if the Forge of Virtue does not exist.
The Forge of Virtue gives you the Black Rock Sword, which makes it too easy to kill Lord British. It is important to do it the old fashioned way. The add-on also maxes out just about all of your stats which makes killing everyone way too easy. To do this right I’m going to have to suffer for my art.

3. Do not count NPCs that respawn such as guards, patients, and animals.
I want to have a true, full accounting of all the citizens in the world that can be killed, so counting respawns would be a misrepresentation.

4. Do not kill companions unless they leave the party of their own free will.
I will end up killing all of my companions - there is simply no way around that fact. But where they die will be up to the game and out of my control.

5. Do not kill NPCs that are part of a quest chain until after it is complete.
The goal is to finish the game and to kill everyone. I am not certain that it can be done, but I am going to try to take it to the very bitter end.

6. Do not use Armageddon.
Using the Armageddon spell is too easy and ends all plotlines, so it will not be used as part of the experiment.

7. Drug use is perfectly acceptable.
 I may or may not use drugs during the course of this game. I don't condone drug use in real life for the record. The point of doing this is to see the permanent affects on the Avatar.

As you can see from the screenshot above, i've done a dry run, with no loose ends in Trinsic. More on that later..