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Attention NYC-based readers!: Warren Spector at NYU right now!


Earlier this week, I interviewed Frank Lantz, creative director of areacode, one of the few NYC-based game development studios*. Lantz is also an academic and has been named the interim director of New York University's Game Center. Working on that piece reminded me that superstar designer Warren Spector–he of Deus Ex fame–will be kicking off a lecture series at NYU tonight. It's already started and I'm stuck at home working but get there before 8 pm to ask the affable and knowledgeable Mr. Spector a question.

Even if you don't, do check out our podcast interview with Spector during last year's GDC. It'll make you smarter. 

And yes: my bad on the late notice, but rest assured, we'll be up on the rest of the lecture series.