Crispy Gamer

Twitter Teaches Typing



Things I learned while playing Twitter-based typing game Fast 140 for the past half hour (in no particular order).

  • Phillies Sportscaster Harry Kalas died. Many people are sad about this.
  • President Obama has eased sanctions against Cuba. Many people are happy about this.
  • Phil Spector has been found guilty in his murder trial.
  • Lots of people like TweetDeck, Red Dwarf and The Cubs and also like talking about said subjects.
  • Many people had a great Easter and hope everyone else also had a great Easter.
  • At least one person spent Easter wondering how jesus pooped.
  • Easter is harder when it has to be gluten free (I wonder how this affects pooping).
  • Correct grammar and punctuation and spelling are not required to get into Heaven.
  • Some people are offended by being offered subscriptions to Men's Health magazine.
  • Some people treat work projects like the NHL playoffs.
  • Robot camp counselors can be jerks.
  • Twitter is an even more addictive basis for a typing game than shooting zombies (the previous champion for typing-game addictiveness).
  • I can type 140 character at 96.6 wpm, and this makes me the 35th fastest typer in the world (see image) (Update: This is no longer true as of a few hours after this post went up. It was a nice lie while it lasted, though...).