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Too Short for Love


GDC Gaggle

I want to know what love is and I want you to show me, Eskil Steenberg.

That's what I thought as I tried to see him demo the game in the emptying third floor of Moscone West on the last day of GDC. A gaggle of nerds (pictured above) blocked my view; like a puppet master, a guy in the thick of it shifted back and forth, making everyone behind him shift  in the other direction. Another guy sitting to his left leaned in to obscure another pocket of visibility.

I imagined that it was a fascinating look at the tools that Steenberg  created for the game... caught half of a screen where he manipulated a shape with a single click of the mouse. People came up the escalator and stopped for a second.

"what the hell is everyone looking at?" one fellow said.

"It's an MMO created by one guy called Love." Someone said.

More people gathered around, for some interest waned, but most stayed around the guy, hanging on to his every word. I circled around the back, trying to find a hole to peek through, like a kid fighting with his freinds to see the saucy divorcee across the street take her top off.

Gus Mastrapa, a towering mountain of a man, took notes as he watched Steenberg give a tour through Love - the tiny little people in front of him barely a nuisance.

I never really figured out what Love was all about. I know that this MMO was created by this one lone mad genius named Eskil Steenberg , and that it had something to do with towers and shooting and strange shapes and colors. The nerds, geeks, journos and romantics (of which I count myself) were fascinated by it. But like you, I have to get my information second hand because a handful of people couldn't be bothered to find chairs.

Thank goodness Robert Ashley filed this report, Love and Eskil.  At least I finally met Susan Arendt. Life isn't all bad.