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Price and review scores


Just had an interesting chat with a good PR friend of mine. This individual has been having an ongoing battle with the marketing folks about review scores: How are they arrived at, what goes into a score, why can't PR people control the press (?!?!), etc. Then the topic of price came up. Does that factor into it? Interesting question.

My answer? It depends. If you get a game for $20 and spend 15 hours on it and enjoy it, you probably think it was worth the money. But buy a $60 game and finish it in 15 hours, it probably had better be some of the best gameplay in your life to make it worth the money. In that case, price is definitely a factor and should be factored into a review, especially in Crispy's format of Buy, Try or Fry. Also, is the game an expansion? How much is added to the game for the amount of money you had to lay out?

By the same token, the Wii is viewed more as a family console. Most Wii games run no more than $49. In this case, your target audience should come into play. Is this game worth a trip to the movies for a family of four? Or is it a more serious franchise aimed at the more intense gamer? And along those lines, are PS3 and 360 games that are aimed at families or younger kids worth $50-$60 just because they were developed on a higher end platform? I think those questions need to be asked and weight given to them when playing the game and determining enjoyment value.

So my advice to my PR friend was to tell the marketing people that price definitely should play a factor in review scores, and they do when I look at games. Enjoyment level definitely scales depending on how hard your wallet is affected.

What's your take? Should price be a factor?